The product of a once great empire, Pottermore: Rewritten allows former Pottermore users to stay in touch, to role play, and to relive the Pottermore experience.
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Pottermore: Rewritten

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  • DISCLAIMER: The creators of this forum and any who are affiliated with it do not own nor make any profit off of Harry Potter, Warner Bros, or Pottermore. Please note that the rules above are mandatory for any site on this forum host, so please take into consideration that the rules of the forum itself are much more lenient, however moderators will not hesitate to take action if messages they deem inappropriate or slanderous are posted.

  • ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE MODERATORS REGARDING USERS AND MESSAGING IS FINAL! Please be aware that the moderation team is made up of living, breathing human beings. We can only manage to do so many things at once, and we simply do not have the time or the power to amend any monumental decisions we make.

  • When making characters for role play and otherwise, BE CREATIVE! We do not want a repeat of Amortenia Ave. on Pottermore. We do not advise that you add yourself to the list of 99999+ of Draco's wives! Please, for our sanity!

  • God mods, god modding, and being reborn with no possible explanation is completely PROHIBITED. If you are seen god modding, we will promptly suspend you from any and all role play. If you are wondering what a god mod is, please allow us to explain. If I, for instance, throw a harmless spell at you, it's only logical that you don't turn into a fiery dragon monster, eat the spell, and also shoot deadly nuclear energy out of your rear, destroying anything and everything within 100 miles of you. Moreover, if I were to send a more *FATAL* curse or tactic your way, it's fatal. Don't get me wrong, you can of course "dodge" it, but if you are somehow able to die and then miraculously wake up with no explanation whatsoever, and in doing so continue on to transform into a rear end nuclear energy shooting dragon, please....just don't god mod.

  • Finally, please enjoy the forum! This is not Pottermore, nor will it ever come close to the professional quality of the real thing, however Pottermore is not simply a site, it is US. We are the reason Pottermore thrived, and it travels with us, no matter which site we use.